Registration is now open for the 7th Cow Run!

The seventh cow run is just a few weeks away. This year, due to circumstances out of our control, we will be having a virtual run, which means that you can run at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. running with the cows

To accommodate everyone, the race can be run, walked, or biked during the time period 8/29/2020, 8am to 09/05/2020 noon. Invite your friends and family to join or support you! Watch our facebook for a livestream on 8/29/2020 and 9/5/2020.

Entry fee is $20 for participants over 16 years of age and $10 for those under 16. A t-shirt and number is available with your registration, and can be picked up from Aug 24th at farm store (for local participants) or will be mailed the week of. If you would rather not have a t-shirt, please indicate on the registration by selecting 1 - no shirt.

If you want to contribute additional funds to the cause, that can be done through the online entry as well. This fundraising event will benefit the GUCD project in Uganda, the Karin Clinic, the India Outreach as well as Fountain Hill in New Era. Thank you for your support!


We look forward to seeing your pictures!